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Frequent questions

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Frequent questions

How much does the wedding or christening service cost?

The cost of organizing the wedding and christening covers a wide range and depends on the type of services you want us to offer you. After the first discussion with you, we will be able to offer you a comprehensive proposal for the type of services you request.

Can you help us create a custom wedding or baptism plan that fits our budget?

We can always adjust the price of our offered services according to the budget available to each couple, always within the limits of the possibilities that exist each time. In any case if we know the budget it is easier to clarify what we can offer.

Do you have experience planning weddings or christenings of different sizes and styles?

Our experience allows us to be able to undertake any type of wedding and christening regardless of size and style.

When should I reply and commit to the date?

In general, since our offer is within your budget, the quality of our services offered is what you want, we cover your needs, and the opinion you have formed about us is positive, it is good to commit the date as the changes made especially in the prices of the products are permanent and indiscriminate. So by binding the date you also bind the prices.

Am I at risk of price changes for your services?

Once you have reserved the date by giving an advance, there is also a reservation of the prices we have offered you.

 What services do you provide?

We offer comprehensive services for the organization of weddings and baptisms. We also provide services for covering corporate events, birthday parties, etc. We offer decoration services, creation of candy bars, salty bars, photography and videography, birthday cakes, invitations, favors, christenings and best man sets.